Blue Muse Photography | Story Telling

Here's to car seat crumbs and tadpoles.


Cut off jeans and spaghetti stains. To night-lights and lullabies.

Backpacks and morning coffee.

Here's to whimsy.


To belly laughs. To exhaustion. Here's to I love you and I'm sorry.


To please and thank you and to one more cookie. Band aids.


Sippy cups. Estimated due dates. Peanut butter and jelly. Homework and living room camp stories. First hair cuts and learning permits.

Here's to coming and going.


To staying. Goldfish and soccer tournaments.

Missing socks and date nights.


Rain boots and bandanas.

Here's to telling your story. To the way the sun shines in the playroom window in the late afternoon.






To the way it feels to sing one more song. To have one more day that they fit on your lap.