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February 03, 2017  •  1 Comment

See that photo on the top? That's me. It's one of my favorite photos of myself that I have.  I feel like I can remember what it felt like to be in that moment.  It feels like ME. My aunt was taking a photography class and set the camera on a timer. She's an artist so she had some understanding of composition and light and used that to help tell the story in that image.  I cherish it. The photo below it? That's my daughter. She was telling me that she was wearing a "hat" when I took that shot.  I don't think I'll ever forget the way that it sounded or the way that moment felt to have this little person in front of me trying to communicate with a new word.  She looks like HER in this shot.  (And we look like each other, no?)

So many of you have asked at sessions, especially when you hear that I'm teaching photography at Sterling this year, if I've ever considered teaching a "mom tog" class.  It wasn't on my radar, but the more people have brought it up, the more I've fallen in love with the idea.  Now that I have some experience teaching and realize how FUN it is to see other people create things with newly learned skills, I want to do more of it.  Many of you have good cameras that you just feel a little intimidated by. Your managing to take great snapshots, but you'd love to know how to get it to do MORE. Well let's do it! Let's tackle those complicated looking cameras together. Look for more info in the coming months about classes this summer! 


Let's tell your story. 


Here's to car seat crumbs and tadpoles. Cut off jeans and spaghetti stains

To night-lights and lullabies. Backpacks and morning coffee.

Here's to whimsy. To belly laughs. To exhaustion.

Here's to I love you and I'm sorry. To please and thank you and to one more cookie.

Band aids. Sippy cups. Estimated due dates. Peanut butter and jelly.


Homework and living room camp stories. First hair cuts and learning permits.

Here's to coming and going. To staying. Goldfish and soccer tournaments.

Missing socks and date nights. Rain boots and bandanas.

To the way the sun shines in the playroom window in the late afternoon.

To the way it feels to sing one more song.

To have one more day that they fit on your lap.

And here's to having a chance to document all of that beauty so that one day you can look at it all and smile that deep down heart smile that warms your insides. Here's to learning how to tell your story, not just what you did, not just how it looked, but how it FELT.

So that some day your children will be able to show their children what their childhood felt like. All the mess, all the love.








Shelly Emmerich(non-registered)
I would love to be added to your list! I've been wanting to learn more about photography with my new camera!!!
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