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Remembering Mom

January 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was adopted at birth and never thought much about not having anyone who looks just like me.  And then I had daughters.  Everywhere we go people stop us to tell me how much they look just. like. me.  It feels so strange to watch my oldest when she smiles when she's feeling uncomfortable and to feel like I'm watching myself.  To see a little bit of myself walking around outside of my body.

I wonder if Shana and Alene's mom felt like this.  Her daughters have grown up to be beautiful women who look just. like. her.  Surely she had those same moments of feeling like a little piece of herself was dancing in front of her when the girls were small.  She passed away in April of last year after a year of battling breast cancer.  Her girls contacted me a couple months ago with an idea.  They had a dress of their mom's that she had worn in a modeling headshot they also still had. In fact they had a few of those modeling shots and they were wondering if we could try to recreate them.

Of course I said yes. Who would ever turn down a chance to honor someone in this way?  Glamour studio work isn't my first love, but I wanted to raise to the occasion. 


And so we shot and I tried to constantly gasp over how much they looked like the photos we were copying. 

And then brother showed up to supervise and everyone agreed that he needed to get in on it. One ponytail later...

We all laughed until we cried. It was the perfect ending.

Thank you Corcoran family for letting me play this small part in remembering your mom. I'd like to think we made her smile. 


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