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March 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I recently did a mentoring session with another professional photographer whose work I love.  It was a good chance to brainstorm with another creative about the things we are most passionate about.  As soon as we started talking though she asked me a big question.  She said she loved my work and website but wondered, WHO am I? Where am I hiding out? And why don't potential clients who visit my site get to meet me?


You know, I'm just here, BEHIND the camera, where I like to be. :) 

Thank you to my friend Jen ( back in Sarasota, FL who took this shot for me.  It's good to have photographer friends.

So, considering it IS 2016 and because my passion is connection, I figured it was long past time to introduce myself and to start blogging some.  I'm a busy mom of two littles so these posts might not be the most regularly updated place to follow Blue Muse (be sure to be watching Facebook and Instagram for that).

They make sure that I rarely get a chance to focus on one thing for more than 30 seconds and insure that email is the best way to contact me (can you hear me now?).

Besides all of that...who am I? A friend was recently reading in Carry On, Warrior by the amazing Glennon Doyle Melton (find Momastery on Facebook!) and she sent me this quote followed by "it's you!"

"And then there's Sister's best friend, Allison. Allison is an artist, and her medium is the camera. She feels at home behind the camera, and God has given her the gift of noticing important moments and capturing them. So her friends and family invite her into their important days to help them grab the magical parts and keep them forever. And Allison becomes a part of those days, those memories, forever. She's all tangled up in there. It's funny: Allison is quiet at events- she's more of an "ahh, there you are" person than a "HEY! Here I am!" person, but when you look at her photographs, you realize that she was actually more there than anyone else. She detected and documented every meaningful moment."

How beautiful is that? I want to be MOST there, in each moment. And I want to help YOU document your beautiful moments. The everyday kind and the big important ones too. So thank you for the privilege of being invited into your memories!




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