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The Birth of Trevin and Tarik

December 05, 2016  •  1 Comment

Our local hospital has just started allowing me in for cesarean births and it is seriously the greatest honor. There are so many moments that I just love to capture for mama when she's still in surgery.  But at this birth, I feel like I got to see something even more special that babies meeting their parents for the first time.  I was privileged to hear one of these boys take what felt like his first breath twice! Trevin was born crying but soon after started to struggle to breathe.  The team in the OR did an amazing job taking care of him but those were some of the longest 8 minutes of my life (and mommy and daddy's!) while they worked on him.  Little man did SO good and I got to be there to see them take his breathing tube out just a couple hours after getting it in.  Tarik was totally content to take all the snuggles for that time.  These two are going to be running around, competing for attention before we know it!  They are absolutely adored by mommy and daddy and 3 siblings.

Watch their first moments here:

Miller Boys from Blue Muse Photography on Vimeo.


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awww .. i just cried .. i know this beautiful family and you did a great job !! and every moment was just like watching the birth of my own .. very heart felt and dreamy , watching a father and his newborn for the first time is always a blessing .
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