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John and Crystal +1

December 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Confession time. I'm an introvert. Big time.  But I don't have a shy bone in my body.  People have a tendency to think that introverts don't like to be around other people. False. Introverts love being around other people, for a certain period of time and especially when it involves meaningful conversation.  I think that's why in home sessions are so much fun for me.  I get to hear people tell their stories as we walk through their home.  I learn about them from the books on their end tables and the photos on their walls but also in the way they sit on a couch together and the way they look at each other when they talk about picking out a name for the baby they are anxiously awaiting.


John and Crystal, thank you for letting me tell a small part of your story.  


John and Crystal from Blue Muse Photography on Vimeo.

I never once told them to smile.






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