Blue Muse Photography | The Birth of Finley Eugene

The Birth of Finley Eugene

November 14, 2016  •  2 Comments

I admitted in the days leading up to Finley's birth that being on call for the birth of my nephew felt very different than my normal on calls.  I know that I say it is an honor to be at each birth, and truly it is. But to be at the birth of your nephew, to get to be the only family member allowed to watch through the window because you are the one with the camera.... was. just. the. coolest. ever! To get to watch my sister in law face down hard and scary moments again and again and so courageously bring Fin earthside was awe-inspiring.  

I hope that you are also inspired by how beautiful ALL births are. I cried a lot making this, and officially fall apart every time I watch my husband's baby brother tell his fresh baby that they are best friends.  

Finley is just the sweetest little baby and we are all so in love with him.  Have I said that before? Well, it's true.

Finley's Birth from Blue Muse Photography on Vimeo.




Darlene Bunting Ignace(non-registered)
Very beautiful and thank you for sharing. Birth is amazing. God is Great.
Raechel Manley(non-registered)
We are friends of Ron and Angela, and I followed this link off of their facebook page. This is superb. I don't know Fin or his folks, but I feel like I do when I watch this fabulous video. It gave me a good morning cry.
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
What a wonderful treasure for mom and dad and one day baby Fin.
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