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2016 has been an incredible year of blessing for Blue Muse.  It has also been a year of trying new things.  I started graduate school this summer and wasn't sure how that was going to work with running a business and raising two fiery little girls but so far it has been a great fit for us.  I know that our girls benefit from seeing their mama come alive for the things that move her.  In August, my hubby and I took a trip to Central America to celebrate turning 30 and 10 years of marriage to each other.  It was an amazing trip and lit a fire in us to make a commitment to travel more.  

So now we come to the season when we begin to look to the year ahead.  What do we want to keep, what needs to be set aside.  I had the awesome opportunity about a year ago to start shooting for Hutchinson Magazine and it has really helped me to learn how much I love telling stories.  That is my commitment for 2017.  To tell better stories for the families who hire me first because this is my first love.  But also to stretch myself and seek out more projects to develop my skill.  I've learned how much I come alive when I think about helping non-profits to tell their stories well.  I think that there are so many worthy causes out there that don't get funded because people struggle building an emotional connection with them.  So I've got a few ideas lined up for next year, a little bit of globe trotting planned, and a lot of hard work ahead of me.  

In the meantime, I've got one cause I want you all to know about right now.  We have some friends living in Southeast Asia who are doing incredible work.  Their hearts are called to the women and girls in the brothels of the city the live in.  Many of them are exploited and human trafficking is a huge problem.  They are currently fundraising to hopefully find a bigger house where their family and a couple of girls that they have taken in can live more comfortably and to set up a coffee shop where the women can have the option of working.  I helped develop this promotional video that I pray will help connect people more with the work they feel called to.  A friend and I co-wrote the spoken word and I invited some of my favorite people to help read it.  It's paired with shots from SE Asia and the Kansas prairie, hopefully bringing closer an issue otherwise so far away for so many of us. 

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Please consider giving towards the Refuge Safehouse here:

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