Blue Muse Photography | About

Welcome to Blue Muse Photography's home on the web! I'm Kalene and the primary photographer here.  I love the feel of the ground under my bare feet, pupusas, stout beer, long tables full of friends and food, and colorful plastic flags hanging across cobblestone roads in Central America. 

Blue Muse Photography was born in the spring of 2007 during my last semester of photography school. In love with color associations and about to move from the wide blue of the Gulf of Mexico to the Kansas sky, blue was absolutely an appropriate muse. Think Greek Muses, not moose.

Kansas has been a great place to call home and operate a business. After taking a short break to graduate from Bethel College with my first Social Work degree and have our first kiddo, Blue Muse has been back at it for a few years now (with a second daughter and almost a second social work degree while I'm at it).  Having children taught me how important documenting our lives really is.  Before I just thought taking pictures was a cool job to have, now I understand how deeply impactful telling our stories can be.

I can't wait to hear from you and learn about the amazing story you are living!