The Birth of Eleanor Lynlee

December 23, 2016  •  2 Comments

A couple of years ago I was just starting to really get bookings for birth photography and my friend Shaina decided she wanted to give it a try.  I was excited to be there to watch her have a VBAC and we anxiously awaited Landry's appearance.  And then she had him within 20 minutes of getting to the hospital and I didn't make it! She totally rocked the VBAC so I was super excited for her, but a little bummed to miss all the excitement.  This time around, we prepared for the fact that things might happen FAST.  So when her doctor told her that he thought going home when she was sitting at 6cm without much labor was probably not the safest option, I headed for Lyons right away.  Then labor decided to start! We were so excited to be heading to the hospital and figured things would be be quick like last time.  But little miss Eleanor wanted to be different. So Shaina walked, and she and Chris joked about having this baby by 10pm and the nurses all said that would be great (but I don't think really believed it would happen).  She bounced and we talked and she laughed and sighed at how mild everything seemed.  And then BAM just like that, it was show time. Guess who was born at 9:26pm? Eleanor Lynlee. She is light and love and all things beautiful, born on the longest night of the year, just days before Christmas.

The Birth of Eleanor from Blue Muse Photography on Vimeo.


Rae Elliott "Nani"(non-registered)
Amazing! You did an awesome job at capturing all of the most precious moments and yes I cried through the whole thing. You are definitely gifted in what you do! Thank you for sharing this video. It made me feel as if I was there at Eleanor's birth.
Your descriptions have me in tears before I even start watching the videos!
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